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ALOHA Inspiration Interview: A healer in my backyard, Auntie Fran


Since I can remember, I have been fascinated by the mystical and the magical. I gravitated to see my first psychic, Lan Vo, when I was in my early teens. Over the past 35 years, I have experienced some jaw-dropping, mind-blowing seers and healers from all over the world. Today, wherever I go, I try to tap into the underground network of hidden healers and healing methods.

Two years ago, I went to see right in my backyard at the Waikiki Health Center, a Native Hawaiian healer—Auntie Fran. On her door she has a cool wooden sign that says: Lomilomi, La’ua Lapa’ua and Ho’opono’pono.

Auntie asked me what I was there for. I really did not have an answer, so I blurted out, “I just wanted to meet you.”

She inquired if I had any physical issues that I was concerned with, and I told her I have some neck pain that comes and goes. She asked, “Is that all?,” and I replied, “As far as I am aware of.”

She responded with an all-knowing smile, and started to touch my neck. She manipulated my neck for about two minutes, and said she could feel the tightness.

My speedy two-minute lomilomi morphed into a 90-minute session of “talking story.”

From my mini interview, I learned: Francine Makaonaona Dudoit-Tagupa or Auntie Fran comes from a long line of healers. Her grandmother had the healing “gift,” and Auntie Fran grew up on Molokai, day after day, sitting in a room with her grandmother and observing her work with patients. Through observance and transference, she learned the art of Native Hawaiian healing including: Lomilomi (massage), La’au Lapa’au (medicinal herbs) and Ho’opono’pono (conflict resolution). Auntie Fran obviously had the “gift,” as she was able to know what the patients were going to say before they uttered the words.

As I was expressing my deep gratitude to Auntie Fran for her time and reluctantly taking my leave, Auntie Fran started a very long monologue on what she foresaw in my future. I could tell she was channeling the information, because she started with, “You need to submerge yourself.” She repeated this slowly three times before she went on to say, “Your mind is all over the world. You think so much, and that causes a build up in your neck.” She went on to say, "You dream, and in your dreams you will be guided to achieve all that you want."

“SUBMERGE YOURSELF, SUBMERGE YOURSELF, SUBMERGE YOURSELF”…I honestly do not know what I am supposed to submerge myself in…possibly a vat full of chocolate or going deeper within. All I know for sure, is that I will dream, and the answers will come.

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