Manifest Aloha Through Meditation, Joy, Awareness and Mindfulness
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Always ready with a beautiful smile...a true rare gem.

Her rich and unique creativity opens a space of grace, compassion and humility within every meditation workshop.

One of her greatest contributions is her ability to check her ego at the door! Her ability to empathize and acknowledge participants and connect beneath the surface is priceless. But, the most special gift she shares with this world is her authentic ability to be vulnerable in the sharing of her personal meditation journey, and how it has opened her up to a whole new perspective of wonderful possibilities for self-love and self-growth.

Her personal stories will make you cry and laugh, as she shares her journey of trying to live a life of ALOHA with an open heart and mind. At the end of the day, she is that warm hug that everyone is looking for.


Born a relentless seeker of life, she has always lived to her own magical beat.

Her early experiences in retail and wholesaling were happily replaced with the freedom to dive deep into her personal spirituality.

The next decades were filled with hula, yoga and meditation, but mostly self-reflection. By traveling to India over a dozen times during the past twenty years, she has been able to witness and experience the parallels of Hawaii/India, Mana/Prana, Hula/Yoga/Meditation.


Mandy and Janene created Aloha Inspiration five years ago with the vision to inspire Aloha through fashion and accessories leading to a lifestyle that would influence the universe to not just “Live Aloha” but to “BE ALOHA!

During Covid, sharing “Aloha” suffered greatly as masks covered up smiles and Hawaii’s traditions to honi honi (kiss) hello and spend time with ohana (family) were severely restricted.

Mandy and Janene turned to their love for yoga, hula and meditation to establish a sense of calm within the storm. From their quiet meditations, Aloha Soul Journey was birthed.

Aloha Soul Journeys meditation program is infused with ALOHA; hula, chanting and a meditation that guides you through a reflective, exploration of self.