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About us

Aloha Inspiration’s vision is to inspire Aloha with fashion, accessories, clothing and a lifestyle that inspires the universe to not just “Live Aloha” but to “BE ALOHA!”

Living the Aloha Lifestyle

ALOHA INSPIRATION was co-created by two local Hawaii women Janene Willener and Mandy Horst.

Their paths were always crossing beginning in small kid days with hula lessons in Hawaii Kai, with Aunty Punua to reconnecting at Punahou High School and again 30 years later coming full circle with dancing hula with a group of high school friends.

Not believing in coincidences, the two forged a strong connection, and they knew the universe had some profound collaboration in store for them.

Marathon coffee talks on spiritual expansion, attaining one’s highest potential, burgeoning creativity and their deep love for Hula and Hawaii began to follow after their Tuesday hula sessions. The day would fly by, and they would laugh when a time warp of 4-5 hours had disappeared.

One day, the main topic of discussion was their favorite inspirational quotes. From there a seed was planted which would germinate and explode into the manifestation of Aloha Inspiration, and all the fabulous creations they could share with the world.

Aloha Inspiration’s tag is…”Inspire Aloha.” and through their own inspirations, they hope to share what ALOHA means to them.

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