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An ALOHA Inspiration Interview with David Kitamori

When Janene and I launched Aloha Inspiration in October 2016 we were so honored to have our passion project and mission to spread and inspire ALOHA blessed by David Kitamori and Darrell Harada.

Kahu Kauila Clark—who was one of only 7 kahunas (keeper of secrets) to be certified as a traditional Hawaiian practitioner in the islands—adopted David and Darrell into his lineage to pass on and share his knowledge. They were both certified in 2009 with Kahu Kuila’s teachings of ALOHA and Ho’oponopono.

Kahu Kauila Clark passed on Dec 24, 2017.

Kahu Kauila Clark was a native Hawaiian who was an accomplished teacher and presenter of native Hawaiian values and traditional practices in the healing arts, and a consultant on native Hawaiian ceremonies and culture. He was a certified traditional native Hawaiian health practitioner and Hawaiian High Priest of the Ancient Order. He traveled the world lecturing, teaching and performing native Hawaiian ceremonies. During his lifetime, he was homebased at the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center in Waianae, Hawaii.

David and Darrel strive to continue to honor their mentor and his legacy. They are available for Hawaiian Blessings and Ho’oponopono. You may contact them by emailing them directly.


"A presence, which cannot be seen, touched or heard, and that is expressed from the center of one's being to all of creation—connecting all of creation—this is known as the Aloha Spirit."

~Kauila Clark 



 Download "Aloha Spirit Law" document here.

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