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Our new "Where is ALOHA?" campaign kicks off!

Where is ALOHA

Borrowed from the endless search for the omnipresent Waldo, Aloha Inspiration introduces its new campaign, “Where is Aloha?”

Aloha Inspiration’s vision is to inspire Aloha with fashion, accessories, clothing and a lifestyle that inspires the universe to not just “Live Aloha” but to “BE ALOHA!”

We'd love to show the world that ALOHA is everywhere, and as Aunty Pilahi Paki said, “ALOHA is the remedy that will heal the world.”

Please send your photos to us at

Mahalo for helping us to spread and inspire ALOHA!

Mandy and Janene


Danny Akaka Jr and Hoopii Laeha Maunalani share Aloha on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Karen Henderson shares her Aloha in her Aloha Gypsy tank in northern California.

Karen Henderson shares her Aloha in her Aloha Gypsy tank in Roseville, California.

Namita Dilawri in San FranciscoNamita Dilawri shares her Aloha in San Francisco while wearing her Aloha Gypsy hat.


kelli-foley-sacramento Kelli Foley went to vote in her Aloha Inspiration tee!

Rupali Embry in Matsuyama, Japan. Rupali Embry strikes a pose for Aloha in Matsuyama, Japan.

Yuki Murakami in Ehime, Japan Yuki Murakami displays her Aloha spirit with her Aloha Gypsy bag in Ehime, Japan.

Ru and Tania in Japan.

Tania Ingrahm wears her Kolohe tank from Aloha Inspiration while holding on for dear life to teaching partner Rupali Embry in Aloha Gypsy tee at Matsuyama Castle, Japan.

ru-and-tania-in-japan with students Yoga Teacher Trainees join Rupali and Tania in sharing Aloha at the Matsuyama Castle in Ehime, Japan.

Send us your selfies or photos of friends and family wearing our creations all over the globe…from Honolulu to Helsinki.

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