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ALOHA Inspiration interview: Alexa Chong


Alexa ChongIt was such a joy and honor to interview the INCREDIBLE Alexa Chong!

Alexa is truly the most empowered, intelligent, compassionate, confident and self-aware 17-year-old woman we have ever come across.

It was so adorable when Alexa said, “when I was younger”…but this powerhouse possesses such a mature grace and other admirable qualities that Janene and I were just blown away. To see her so confident and focused is an inspiration to all of us.

My favorite quote from Alexa was “I have never found discomfort in being different from others.” WOW! If we could grant one wish to all young adults, it would be that!

Please enjoy this wonderful interview with Alexa! We know you will leave smiling as you remember her infectious laugh, bubbling sense of joy, sage advice and wisdom.



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