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ALOHA Inspiration Interview: Jyotish astrologer Brent BecVar


Jyotist astrologer Brent BecvarWithin the first 30 minutes of meeting Brent BecVar, he learned my birth information, and proceeded to give me a Jyotish/Vedic astrological reading. Since I was only familiar with Western astrology, I was amazed by how accurate my Vedic chart was. Brent was able to pinpoint times in my life when I had been flourishing and other times that were more challenging.

Over the years, I have witnessed Brent’s genuine interest in everyone he meets, and the knowledge of their charts allows him to connect with people on a much deeper level. During the past 15 years, I have had several readings with Brent and, they have been very significant…mainly, in helping me understand ME better and in helping to explain why I have the interests and personality traits that I have.

The most beautiful gift from my friendship with Brent is that he does not care if you are Michael Jackson or Marlon Brando…everyone is equal in his eyes. His authenticity, kindness, compassion and humility are true ALOHA! Brent walks the walk of someone who extols the virtues of inclusiveness. When you are with him, you feel SEEN! His patient, non-judgemental, loving guidance in achieving a peaceful path toward greater inner expansion is nothing short of genius. 

It was a the greatest honor to sit down with Brent and learn at the feet of a master Jyotishi. As his words wash through all your senses, you will find so many nuggets of wisdom.

Example chart (using both the South Indian style of Chart as well as the North Indian style of chart)

You can contact Brent BecVar by clicking here.


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